The Children’s Museum

FRida & freD is a place for all children.


With FRida & freD's programmes, children are able to learn about the world’s diversity and to better understand its complexities. Along with the contents, the museum focuses on making sure that the young people who visit it develop into confident and responsible citizens who interact carefully with their fellow human beings and their environment. The Children’s Museum strives to be a place where children and their parents feel at home, a place that excites their senses and inspires their fantasies, and a place that touches their hearts and encourages their creativity. It is a “realisable world” for children, meaning that the top priority is for visitors to comprehend by observing and experiencing first-hand.

FRida & freD, housed in a new uniquely designed building, is located in the middle of the Graz Augarten Park on Friedrichgasse. Designed by architects Helma Fasch and Jakob Fuchs, this “house for children” has received numerous awards.

Each year, FRida & freD welcomes approximately 85,000 visitors. FRida & freD exhibitions, workshops, programmes and theatre performances are designed for children, ages four to twelve, and their families, as well as schools and larger groups. FRida & freD is a place for people from different backgrounds and cultures to socially interact. All visitors are welcomed and  accessibility is provided for guests with physical needs.

FRida & freD - The Children’s Museum
Friedrichgasse 34, 8010 Graz
T. +43 (0)316 872 7700