The Joanneum Quarter

In 2011, the Joanneum Universal Museum celebrated its bicentennial anniversary. Since 1811, as one of Europe’s oldest and most modern museums, it has oriented itself towards developing the new, furthering research, communicating knowledge and connecting education and entertainment at the highest level. In order to equip the museum for its multiple tasks and to keep the institution attractive for future generations, this important project was initiated together with the province of Styria.


From 2011 on, the Joanneum Quarter is not only the centerpiece of Austria’s first public museum, but also brings an important focus to the area Neutorgasse/Kalchberggasse/Raubergasse, bringing new life into a part of the inner city that had over time lost some of its allure. The Styrian State Library, also founded in 1811, has found a new home in the Joanneum Quarter, both fulfilling the demands of a broad audience of readers and assuring the responsible conservation of its comprehensive holdings. Together with the Neue Galerie Graz, the Multimedia Collections and the Natural History Museum the oldest and largest Austrian State library is an essential addition to the Joanneum Quarter and its lively mixture of art, culture and knowledge!