Hotel Daniel

What does modern traveller need the most? As little as possible!

Today nobody moves at a snail’s pace any more. Instead we are constantly and rapidly changing our location. Excess baggage only slows you down. This is the principal according to which the Daniel was designed and decorated.

“Smart Luxury” is the idea which inspires everything and everyone at the Hotel Daniel. Purposeful streamlining. It is all about ideas which don’t get in the way of our guests, but which accommodate travellers who are looking for express and not excess. “Smart Luxury” is in step with your needs and often one step ahead too. It only offers the modern traveller what he really needs. Sometimes a little more. But never a little less.

Since October 2014, the hotel Daniel has one more highlight to offer: the LoftCube by German designer Werner Aisslinger is truly magnificient. The combination of exclusive design and a 360-degrees-panorama view makes the 44qm cube a special living environment.

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