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The designforum Steiermark at the Andreas-Hofer-Platz is the place to be to experience design in all its manifestations. It was founded by the Province of Styria’s Department of Economic Affairs and Creative Industries Styria in 2010, with its central mission being to make design visible in all its different facets and to raise awareness of the value of good design. 36 exhibitions have already taken place and more than 310,000 people have visited the designforum Steiermark.

Work by well-known regional designers such as Martin Breuer Bono, Hilgarth Design and motion code: blue has been exhibited at the Designforum Steiermark and even international stars such as James Dyson have come to visit. 

Design on 235 m2

Designforum Steiermark moved to Andreas-Hofer-Platz 17 on the 1st of April 2015, leaving the previous space at Kunsthaus Graz. Now the designforum profits from 235 m2 divided across two floors, containing a 66 m2 gallery with space for exhibitions, presentations, projects and workshops. There is enough space to do exactly what the designforum Steiermark was founded for – to think about and talk about design and to provide a modern presentation and exhibition space for designers and design-related projects in the city centre of this UNESCO City of Design.


The designforum Steiermark, a sub-brand of Creative Industries Styria, sees itself as a centre for urban dialogue, competences and communication, presenting all aspects of design in its many forms. The designforum also works to highlight the fact that design should not simply be perceived on an aesthetic level but should be viewed in the context of its wider economic and social relevance.

Business hours

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Tue - Sat: 1:00pm - 7:00pm

Andreas Hofer Platz 17
8010 Graz




Alena Janser

Creative Industries Styria

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