´s Fachl

's Fachl is located in the idyllic courtyard of Herrengasse 13. The shop captivates its visitors from young to old with its extensive regional product range of design, delicacies, handcrafts and individual as well as creative and unique gift ideas.
What makes the Fachl special is the unique concept behind it: start-ups, private persons, regional producers and companies from the region have the opportunity to rent a Fachl (a box) and to sell their products.
This results in a variety of products that invite you to browse, discover and enjoy, because here, the most innovative ideas from all over Styria are combined in more than 300 Fachl. Everyone will find something here: no matter if it is for yourself, a present for the beloved or a treat for the four-legged friends.

Business hours

Mon - Sat: 10.00 – 18.00

Herrengasse 13

8010 Graz - Austria

W: www.fachl.at

E: graz@fachl.at