The exceptional charm of the TEAM 7 brand is not only built on natural wood, which is a feature of all of its production, but also on the skilful blend of this factor with design and technology. Indeed, the Austrian firm is aiming ever-higher as far as the inclusion of technical precision is concerned, offering a veritable added value and arousing a sense of awe and wonder. In order to achieve this objective, TEAM 7 relies on its close-knit team of young designers, and on their ability both to grasp the feasibility requirements for craftsman-based projects, and to aim for the practical evolution of the firm’s furniture to meet the needs of everyday life.


Confirmation that this is the right path comes from the numerous international accolades. Since the company received its first Red Dot Award in 2005, its in-house designers, led by Jacob Strobel, have received a remarkable 36 international awards. These many acknowledgements and accolades, both for design and for the rapid growth of recent years, confirm TEAM 7’s optimal positioning within the international furniture market, achieved thanks to the firm’s vocation for craftsmanship and its great expertise in the field of wood, design and technology. In addition to this, TEAM 7 produces exclusively order related, meaning it can develop made-to-measure, individually-designed solutions to respond precisely to the customer’s personal tastes and requirements.

The brand‘s premium Austrian furniture is globally considered to set industry standards and the company itself is seen as an inspiring pioneer with vast innovative prowess and great potential. Despite a high export share of 84% and an ever-increasing presence on foreign markets, TEAM 7 continues to base its production in Austria alone – and that will never change. The wood is sourced from sustainable European forests, glued together without using formaldehyde and treated with natural oil. TEAM 7 oversees the entire production chain – from forest to finished product. This all-encompassing approach guarantees high quality and is unprecedented in the industry. In order to maintain this high quality standard in the years to come, TEAM 7 is making large investments in its base in Austria.

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