Teppichgalerie Geba

Teppichgalerie Geba carpet gallery is an established fixture in the world of carpet design. It all began with a vision: inspired by modern art and architecture, Harald Geba decided to rethink the carpet. Ever since, Geba carpets have combined timeless modern designs with the art of traditional handicraft.


Geba stands for carpet design that is, above all, open for, and inspired by traditional patterns as well as modern painting. Each carpet has a soul and – beyond the level of designs and qualities – it is primarily all about the passion behind making a carpet, from design to manufacture.


Geba takes great care to fulfil the highest standards when it comes to measurable qualities such as the type of wool used, how the carpet is crafted, its density of knots and colours, as well as understanding what customers want, responding to their specific needs and working together with architects and interior designers.


Hans-Sachs-Gasse 3, 8010 Graz

T: +43 316 83 63 83