roomz graz

Architecture for "people in motion":

The architectural group archisphere consisting of architects & designers around Gabriel Kacerovsky is responsible for the contemporary mix of forms, colours and materials, as well as for the metropolitan flair of roomz hotels. With their eye-catching structured aluminium facades, roomz Budget Design Hotels are able to assert themselves in the vicinity of the striking architecture of the Graz Trade Fair and Event Centre buildings. Their outer appearance already conveys a dynamic impression of generosity and spaciousness, which is perpetuated in the interior by means of an interesting colour concept and smart room arrangement.

Graz visitors and guests staying at roomz Graz will not miss one highlight of the City of Design. Its design style inspires people to delve into the creative design scene, visit Mur Island, Kunsthaus, Graz design quarter and the castle hill lift, amongst many other things.

Conrad-von-Hötzendorf-Strasse 92-96, 8010 Graz

T: +43 316 902090