Mesh. Wire.

Wire meshwork made from galvanized steel wire that is reminiscent of bobbin lace due to its unusual patterning – that is LACE FENCE. Due to the fact that designer Joep Verhoeven of Demakersvan, Rotterdam, collaborates with museums, architects, furniture-makers and fashion businesses, LACE FENCE has not only gained access to many museums and galleries as an art object, but Hugo Boss and the Shanghai Concept Store have also discovered this extraordinary fence for their premises. Showroom Media and Moving Art have decorated their entire studio with LACE FENCE elements, and one residential housing project in Den Haag has used 3000 m² of LACE FENCE elements too. In that way, a normal chain-link fence gains a whole new dimension and a multitude of alternative uses emerge. LACE FENCE is a global business with a design studio based in the Netherlands and distribution centres in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Switzerland.


The Styrian Securo Company is the sole distributor of LACE FENCE in Austria. Securo has established itself at home and abroad in the field of veterinary fences, security and chain-link fences as well as sliding doors. CEO Eva Burtscher has integrated this extraordinary and innovative fencing concept in the company’s current portfolio. LACE FENCE serves as a catalyst for her artistic expression as a professor of Russian Literature and Visual Art. She works together with designer Joep Verhoeven and has already created her own steel wire lace designs. LACE FENCE patterns are handcrafted and the fencing system is produced by Securo Fencing Company’s metalworking department.


Fences, railings, gates, doors, garden space partitions, garden furniture and facades – LACE FENCE refines and transforms houses, gardens, parks and public spaces. Customer wishes are naturally taken into consideration and individual solutions are developed with regard to dimensions, fastening systems and colour schemes. There is a whole host of ornamental, floral or geometric patterns to choose from. The company presents a new collection every year and endeavours to fulfil customer demands for special logos, whenever possible.

LACE FENCE meshwork works as a decorative furnishing element indoors too: as banisters, a picture, wardrobe, wall panel or as a room partition. Owing to its versatility in the private and public sphere, LACE FENCE has become a leading conceptual component for interior designers.


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