SunnyBAG®: Go, catch the sun.

A few years ago, when young student Stefan Ponsold was fighting the low battery status of his iPhone, the idea of a SunnyBAG was still to be hit on. The passionate do-it-yourselfer was mainly looking for a solution to recharge the batteries at any time in any place. The technician reckoned up the perfect size of a solar panel and started to sew his first - yet unnamed - solar bag. When - in course of his studies - a business plan for a product was required, he remembered his prototype: the SunnyBAG project was born.

Today SunnyBAGs are hand-made shoulder bags (satchels) with an integrated charging station for electrical equipment. The flexible and waterproof solar panels also charge in bad weather and supply mobile  phones, mp3-players or even sat-navs with energy. SunnyBAG's key competence is clearly technical. The product design is made by external partners, such as regional designers. The production of bags is also outsourced to regional producers such as Romy Schneiderin, Heidenspass or pro mente. Apart from the shoulder bags SunnyBAG has recently produced a rucksack with a removable solar panel.

SunnyBAGs around the world

Since November 2012 SunnyBAG is the official present of the UNESCO City of Design Graz and has been given to actor Roger Moore and Formula-1 winner Sebastian Vettel so far.


In 2013 SunnyBAG will set out to conquer the world: The Styrian enterprise is going to found a subsidiary enterprise in Silicon Valley, California and plans to present its products at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. By distribution partners SunnyBAG is already available in Germany and Switzerland - and will expand to further European countries.

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