mapbags are made of paper. They protect electronic treasures.

Cuddly on the inside, these bags confront life on the outside.


mapbags are audacious.

A mapbag is simply ready for the fray! Attacking is just as great as being attacked. Either way, mapbags protect against blows and bumps, scratches and stains, dirty paws and spilled juice. But look out! For a mapbag could be aggressive, even wildly dangerous sometimes. Being invulnerable themselves, the more battering they get, the better they look!


The mapbag family

mapbag mobile open - iPhone cases

mapbag mobile flip - iPhone case with flap and magnetic catch

mapbag mobile closed - case for iPhones, iPod Touch and Magic Mouse …

mapbag covers - cases for all MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros …

mapbag livingroom - weekend case with shoulder strap, carrier handles and integrated flaps for all your gear

mapbag rich 1 - foldable purse for cards, banknotes and coins

mapbag rich 2 - closed purse for cards, banknotes and coins

mapbags are made of super-strong paper, are waterproof and tear-resistant.


They are handcrafted by plusminus design® at their Graz studio. That ensures that only a limited number of mapbags is manufactured from high quality waterproof and tear-resistant paper containing 25% recycled non-toxic pH-neutral material. Recycling waste from the papermaking process means that its production requires less energy than normal paper does. mapbag paper feels like paper and is 100% recyclable. Since paper and print are waterproof, mapbags are washable at 30°. Moreover, mapbags are extremely robust and tear-resistant. So far, nobody has managed to tear one apart.


Custom-made mapbags are designed to meet individual needs. If you don’t like the apple and would prefer your own image: no problem for plusminus design®. We gladly manufacture bespoke cases to fit your mobile device or laptop and print any image you like on it.


You can machine wash your mapbag, remove stains from it or turn it into a drawing; you can hide behind it or sit on it. And if you’re really livid, try ripping it up! That will do you good and will not harm your mapbag.




plusminus design®

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