Mariahilferplatz 3, 8020 Graz

Design is diverse and can exert influence on different areas. A conscious design of public spaces makes people that are using or accessing these spaces feel more comfortable than elsewhere, may they not even be aware of it.
The new shop of “Jugend am Werk“ at Mariahilferplatz

On the premises of the former candle shop Herzl, a new store has been developed whose name, “HERZlich”, is not just a deduction of the previous company’s name, but which stands for the vision that is pursued by “Jugend am Werk”: to have all people participating on the labour market and to show them appreciation for what they do. The store enables “Jugend am Werk” to extend the sales market for the goods produced at their production schools, which also gives the possibility for new and different work. Furthermore, the shop is an information point among the workshops and by the provision of valuable employment it supports the strengthening of the youths’ confidence.

In the context of the “Designers in Residence Program” by Creative Industries Styria (CIS), “Jugend am Werk” approached the design studio “gestaltung” for the integrated shop concept. In the sense of City of Design, one has trusted the designers Resa Perthaller and Anita Fuchs who sensibly integrated the work of “Jugend am Werk” in the shop concept. The designers literally put their hearts in the work and took up the challenge to stage the handmade products skilfully.  
The furniture for the store has almost been completely manufactured in the production schools and workshops of “Jugend am Werk”. According to the motto “less is more”, a selected range of products was chosen to be presented puristically. The store welcomes you pure but warm and comfortable.

Business hours

Tue - Fri: 10am - 1pm & 2pm - 6.30pm
Sat. 10am - 4pm

Mariahilferplatz 3, 8020 Graz

T +43 (0)50 7900 7900