Mobile apartment unit


The goal of this project was to develop a minimized two-person apartment unit especially suited for tourists. Among its features are that it can be industrially produced, easily transported, and has an interior that can be optimized. If desired, it can also be added on to and stands out for its impressive architecture and economic efficiency. This mobile hotel room can be used exactly where it is wanted, according to season and need, and can be stacked vertically and horizontally. The living area is divided into three levels that are connected in an open architecture, conveying a feeling of generous space. The formal aesthetics are remarkable for its dynamism, conciseness, and high recognisability. The prerequisite for setting the unit up at a location is an infrastructure that offers hook-ups for water, sewage, and electricity (solar energy).


Matthias Gumhalter,

Christian Reschreiter

Marienplatz 1, 8020 Graz

T +43 664 884 69 671