Graz Design Thing

What would an up-to-date souvenir of Graz look like?

The advertising agency werbelechner, who owns the label Design Souvenir Graz, and Creative Industries Styria brought up this question and put it forward to discussion in the course of the Designers in Residence project. Since Graz has to satisfy the demand for timely souvenirs, the project looked for inventive ideas and ways of realization of a souvenir reflecting the characteristics of the city of Graz.

Three designers and their teams were admitted to the Designers in Residence program after a call for ideas, approaching the topic in different ways. Now, the first of these three concepts has been produced: its creators are three designers of the renowned Viennese design studio Walking Chair from Switzerland, Vorarlberg and the South Tyrol. Once again there’s a shadow to the Clock Tower of Graz and the shadow extends even further – to the Kunsthaus. Both sights are dominating the landscape of Graz and have been cleverly packed into one inspiring souvenir: The Graz Design Thing. A tea light casts the miniature shadow of both the Clock Tower and the Kunsthaus through a cleverly pierced and finely cut shape of stainless steel. Alternatively the object can be turned into a card holder or even a napkin holder.



Shops offering the Graz Design Thing: Graz Tourismus, KUNST STÜCKE : Handwerksgalerie, Museumsshop im Kunsthaus, MuR – Modernes und Raritäten, Frankowitsch, Orange and Green