The carpet collection ‘Graz’

30 years ago Harald Geba opened his carpet showroom in the middle of the old city center of Graz, which is now portrayed in an own carpet collection. Together with New York-based designer Klaus Kempenaars, Harald Geba designed and implemented a collection of rugs – of course of mere fair-trade quality – on the topic ‘Graz’.

Designing the carpets, they did combine architectural elements of buildings such as the Murinsel, Kunsthaus, Messe Halle Graz, Lichtschwert, as well as buildings on the main square and other elements like parts of a chain armor or a traditional costume. Furthermore, they incorporated works of composers related to Graz and elements of the heliocentric system of Johannes Kepler.

The Graz Collection unites timeless design and traditional craftsmanship as well as prime knotting skills. Tibetan highland wool is processed by hand right from the shearing to the knotting in two Nepal-based workshops. Additionally, there are natural materials used, such as Chinses silk or linen.

Klaus Kempenaars


Teppichgalerie Geba
Hans-Sachs-Gasse 3, 8010 Graz

> presentation in Designmonat Graz 2017