Souvenir plate
"Island in the Mur"

It floats in the middle of the river, shines in extraordinary colors at night and is for sure a striking piece of architecture in Graz: The Murinsel, inspired by the idea of Robert Punkenhofer (ART & IDEA) and designed by New York architect Vito Acconci. Based on the pronounced design language of this urban landmark, designer Klaus Kempenaars has developed a specific Murinsel pattern, which gives the souvenir plate its particular visual quality.


The plate is avaliable directly on Murinsel for € 19,90.

Klaus Kempenaars, a design cosmopolitan with a close connection to Styria, is one of the founders of xSITE, an international design organization, with clients, among others, such as Calvin Klein, Sony, Adidas or the Metropolitan Opera.