HoG architecture

Hope of Glory - the name is arbitrary but also inspiring - was founded in 2006 by Clemens Luser, Martin Emmerer and Hansjörg Luser. A triumvirate of three characters with very differentiated skills, different experiences and a common concern to make good architecture.


From this constellation, HoG generates the way of working: At the start of each project is the joint discussion about the task, the discussion with the place, the situation, the context - always similar, always with an open mind until a viable interpretation is found. These different approaches and their always changing balance generate solutions, which never become schematized or subordinated to any style formula, nor lead to formal fashion.

All arguments, whether analytical-structural, artistic, social-oriented, or practically-pragmatic, are equally legitimate in the discussion, but are always measured anew in the task. Recognizable branding is not our matter of concern; on the other hand, our constants are well conceived spaces, appropriate gestures, functionality, a high quality of technical execution, differentiated material selection and a good dialogue with the client.

HoG has no fixed clientele, orders are generated primarily through competitions or through recommendations. The range of our projects goes from cultural buildings, large residential projects, building tasks in the historical context to small new projects or conversions for private clients. Beside the building tasks, the interest in scientific questions, artistic work or the communication between the architectural topics enriches HoG's potential.

HoG Architektur ZT GmbH
Stainzergasse 2
8010 Graz

+43 316 225805