AULA X Space

Hub, co-working space, product development center. Named after the auditorium of the former pedagogical academy in Graz, AULA X Space combines all these characteristics and offers a temporary as well as long-term seat for companies. The aim is to anchor an international network in the UNESCO City of Design. AULA focuses on different sectors of the local (creative) industries and international companies that want to establish themselves in Graz.

The managing directors Joerg Kahlbacher and René Gradwohl state that in the beginning of AULA X Space there was the idea of offering a network to start-up companies, in particular out of the design business, so that they could market their products. Thus, the business model of AULA consists of two fields: AULA Design and AULA Co-Working.

AULA Design, headed by Matthias Burhenne, comprises a world-wide network of designers, who support companies in developing new products and ideas. The mission is ‘from the idea to marketability’, based on a current pool of 36 international designers, with upward tendency.

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AULA Co-Working stands for flat-rate workspaces with all-in service that provide attractive offers especially for one-man businesses and start-ups. The City of Graz supports the monthly rent - included are a permanent workspace, unlimited internet, printer, scanner, plotter, phone booths, consulting and meeting rooms, studios and photo studios. Every company can be registered at AULA X Space with a company address and a company sign. A mail box and a reception staff complete the offer.
Trial workdays are for free at AULA Co-Working Space.
External companies can also make use of facilities of AULA X Space. The architecturally very appealing premises are suitable for network meetings, coaching, workshops and seminars.  

At regular intervals they offer tours and little incentives on the issue of co-working and current projects. The halls of AULA are used for photo exhibitions, the corresponding photo studio and darkroom is located in the basement. In any case, AULA is for sure worth a visit.

Jörg Peter Kahlbacher
René Gradwohl
AULA X Space
DirectGoods GmbH
Georgigasse 85, 8020 GRAZ, AUSTRIA
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