Since 30 years, the Graz-based design office WiGL-Design is successfully working in the field of Industrial Design. Due to their experience, they offer intelligent and individual design solutions, such as the TOUCHdown hand switch.


It is a new generation of hand switches, which can be adjusted to a client’s wish by simply changing the product foil. Regular keyboards have an electric button beneath the visible foil button. If the graphic of the keyboard or the position of the foil button changes, the position of the electric button has to be changed as well. Such adjustments are very cost intensive because the hardware has to be changed. The TOUCHdown hand switch offers a solution for individual customization without changing the hardware. Only the foil has to be changed and it doesn’t matter where the button is positioned on the foil. The foil itself is solely graphical and has no buttons. The TOUCHdown hand switch is the first who offers this possibility.


Honored with the IF Design Award 2014

At the end, a literally renowned product design has been developed for the TOUCHdown product. The hand switch has been awarded with the coveted German IF Design Award.


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