Markus Pernthaler - Architect

The work of Markus Pernthaler is characterized by concisely designed interventions that are linked to future-oriented technological solutions. The co-operation with interdisciplinary teams and the reception of current research topics mark the complex designs, primarily for residential and industrial buildings, hospitals, schools as well as for cultural buildings.


The "Rondo“ manifests a modern urban planning and societal vision. The new construction with its significant curvy form and suspended membrane offers 9000sqm. Living and working can experienced with almost no spatial separation because some living units are connected to larger office spaces. Therefore, companies have the possibility to work on intense projects more efficiently.

The energy supply relies on a maximum of self-sufficiency, e.g. on the warming of a small plant on the area itself. The “Rondo” also paves the way for a new concept of greening: the space between the building and the membrane is a green relaxation area in an urban context.


Pictures: Paul Ott

As part of the re-structuring of the fair ground in Graz, the housing project „Messequartier“ is a high-quality contribution to the topic “living in the city center”. The concepts aims for a firm mixture of functions: a large offer of different apartment types, housing for students and senior citizens a kindergarten and gastronomy. This cross-generational approach is complemented by vast green roof spaces and spa facilities.

Pictures: Paul Ott

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