yes architecture

yes architecture was founded in 2002 by Ruth Berktold and Marion Wicher. By now, they have established subsidiaries in Munich, Graz and New York. They met during the master’s programme for Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University in New York. Ever since, they work together in the fields of city planning, architecture, interior construction, sustainability and energy efficiency as well as product and media design. The work of yes is mostly interdisciplinary and is developed in different countries. They address different digital design and production methods.


The main task for the restoration and redesign of the facades for the projects “Ligne Roset” and “Spätauf” was to develop a representative and catchy new appearance for the content of the buildings. The graphic solution is also applied on the window elements in order to put the façade splitting in the background and to perceive the body of the building as monolithic and clear.


The basis for the design is the zebra pattern which is enlarged and projected onto the façade.

The basis for the design is the lion fish with its striped stings and body, perfectly spawned by nature. The circles capture one’s glance and the poles define the courtyard as an inviting gesture towards the street. A shell with a distinctive new corporate design is established.

Griesgasse 10, 8020 Graz

T.: +43 316 764 891