T*LIGHT’s performance totally depends on the user. Shortly after, or better, before the death of light bulbs, T*LIGHT started to capture waste land for a restart. The concept – a combination of light tubes and stations – creates individual scope for arrangement, lighting and phantasy.


The system is based on an innovation which is a registered design since 2007. Light tubes are linked by magnetic, rotary stations. They can be combined with other components, thus be used as floor, table or ceiling lights. The magnetism allows to dock, to detach and to rotate the TUBE as well as to adjust the light. Therefore, BASE, TUBE and POLE make for a special tube


The idea

Light is a gift. It is a privilege to produce a little bit of it artificially. So why should one set up a sculpture in form of a lamp as a baroque statement? T*LIGHT is rather a tool for illumination in general. It is always ready for upcoming technical developments and aesthetical evolutions.


The construction of T*LIGHT comprises the usage of as less cables as possible while generating as much light as possible. The task concerning the used materials was to benefit from the variety of domestic lumbers and to reduce the power consumption by the means of LED.

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