The Creative Industries Styria GmbH is a network corporation for the development and for the strengthening of the Styrian creative industries and was founded in 2007. Its task is to coordinate and to expand the supply of creative services and to position them in the overall context of the Styrian economy. It has the role of an intermediary and contact point for companies from the creative industries and also for firms which are interested in co operations and partnerships with creative companies. Within the economic strategy 2020, the creative industries inherit a cross-sectional function and its function is also pivotal for the site development and for the emergence of creative milieus. The network corporation considers itself as a co-creator and initiator for the structural change of the region to a knowledge-based manufacturing society, as well as a driving force, coordinator and cross-linker on a local level. The key projects “UNESCO City of Design”, “Graz Month of Design” and “Erlebniswelt Wirtschaft” and the presence in national and international networks create crucial prerequisites for an increase in attractiveness of Styria and for the benefit of domiciled companies. The CIS accelerates the internationalisation of the companies within the network of the Styrian creative industries, thus stimulation and supporting their growth and development. Further activities include i.e. B2B formats like “Small Talks” or “Design 2 Business” or the event series “Open Office”. They offer the opportunity for classic businesses from different branches to get in touch with designers and to initiate co operations and exchange. These projects allow designers to present their work to a broader audience, to enhance the awareness and to position creative services in an overall economic context.


The shareholders of the Creative Industries Styria GmbH are Innofinanz – Steiermärkische Forschungs- und Entwicklungsförderungsges. m. b. H, the Federation of Austrian Industries, the City of Graz and the Economic Chamber of Styria. Besides the funding provided by the shareholders, the CIS receives furtherance by the federal state Styria (SFG) as well as by project partners, project co operations and sponsors. The allocation is represented as follows:

  • 80% of the shares belong to the Innofinanz (SFG)
  • 10 % belong to the City of Graz
  • and 10% are hold by the Economic Chamber of Styria


For an improved cross-linkage of classic companies with creative firms, the CIS established a membership program in 2013, due to the high demand on networking and coordination services on a business-to-business level. The membership program expands these services and adapts them to the individual demands of Styrian companies. It consists of three types: Free Member, Full Member and Premium Member. You can find the online registration form and more information about the benefits of each membership type here.