17. January - 21. April 2013

Zwölf Entsprechungen


The exhibition of works at designforum Styria showcases projects by the designer Martin Breuer Bono.
The Graz-based designer Martin Breuer Bono presents twelve objects from the spheres of capital goods, sports products, tableware and furniture. Alongside well-known objects, he is also showing a number of unknown designs. Martin Breuer Bono grew up in Bregenz and studied at Vienna University of Technology and at the Royal College of Art in London. He founded his own studio in 2000 and has been living and working in Graz since 2007. In addition to the component of formal design, the focus of his work is above all on conceptual content and aspects of technology, for which he coined the term “Design Development”. Martin Breuer Bono owns several patents and has received international design prizes, including the ISPO Outdoor Award (Munich 2003), JEC Composite Award (Paris 2004), Red Dot Design Award (Essen 2007), Adolf Loos Staatspreis Design (Vienna 2007), and the Re:Design Network Award (Vienna 2010). More than 12,500 people visited the exhibition.

13. March - 31. March 2013

Design Biennial
in Saint-Étienne

All eleven Cities of Design were invited to the Biennale 2013 to participate and present themselves in the programme and the exhibition “EmpathCITY, making our city together”. Furthermore Martin Haidvogl, Director of the City Administration representing the Mayor the City of Graz Siegfried Nagl, singed the “Déclaration de Saint-Étienne” for the establishment of a creative and humane city. The UNESCO City of Design Graz is involved with several items in the programme. Karl Stocker, Course Head at the FH Joanneum and City of Design Board member, presented his book "The Power of Design". A Journey through 11 UNESCO Cities of Design”, a compact guide to the current eleven UNESCO Cities of Design. The UNESCO City of Design Graz presented a city portrait with facts, images and a film, plus the “Annenviertel Map” project in the course of the symposium. The company tyromotion GmbH, with David Ram and Alexander Kollreider, one of the world’s leading providers of robotics and computer supported health therapy equipment for the area of neuro-rehabilitation, and also perludi, a manufacturer of top quality furniture for children, both displayed their lines and their top product design.

22. March 2013

Opening of the Graz
Tourism information point

The Cannon Room at the Provincial Armoury was redesigned to Innocad’s plans from autumn 2012 to March 2013. One of seven international entrants, the Graz-based architectural firm won a call for tenders published jointly by Graz Tourismus, Universalmuseum Joanneum, and Creative Industries Styria. The task set by the international jury involves a concept for merging the Graz Tourismus information centre with the ticket-office area of the Provincial Armoury and their two sales areas. Another aim is to boost the presence of the information centre both in terms of design and the services provided there and to embody the positive spirit of Graz as a City of Design. The “Murnockerl” reflects the regional link and is the basic building block of the project. “Murnockerln” are those round stones of various sizes that form the geological substratum of the city of Graz.

03. May - 02. June 2013

Coordinated by Creative Industries Styria, Designmonat Graz 2013 with its theme “facettenreich, grenzenlos, rastlos” features more than fifty separate events, festivals, discussions, conferences and exhibitions, with more than 75,000 visitors. The opening weekend kicks off with a discussion including Airbus chief designer Paul Edwards and Kone art director Anne Stenros at the “European Design Business Dialogue”. The event spotlights numerous examples of how companies and organisations can benefit from deploying design in the right way. In 2013 Designmonat Graz features more international contributions than ever before, with delegations from the University of Kobe, Japan, the Cité du Design Saint-Étienne, France, from Nagoya, Japan, and the Beijing Industrial Design Center, Beijing, along with numerous other international speakers and designers, for example from Romania, Poland and Israel. The result: local designers, companies and international guests showcase a selection of their work spread out around the whole city, demonstrating the benefit of strategically thought-out design to a wide audience.

03. May - 05. May 2013

European Design
Business Dialogue 2013

Design for success

The fourth instalment of the European Design Business Dialogue (EDBD) takes place in 2013. Designaustria joins forces with Creative Industries Styria to organise this business and design conference for the first time in Vienna and Graz from 2nd to 4th May 2013. The focus of the 2013 EDBD is on outstanding examples of representatives from leading international companies such as Airbus, Kone, Eternit or Roca. The speakers use their showcases to enter into a design–business dialogue with the conference participants in order to demonstrate how companies and organisations can benefit from deploying design in the right way. Along with a theoretical section, the EDBD presents vivid examples of best practices, with sufficient time and space for exchange between international experts from the design sector and the participants. Experts and decision-makers from business, industry, design, research and development are invited to take part in panel discussions. In addition to the two-day conference, business workshops on the topics Design Management, Design Marketing and Design Measurement and Value take place on day three.

07. May - 16. June 2013

NWW Design Award 2012


The NWW Design Award of the Neue Wiener Werkstätte was awarded for the first time in 2012 and focused on “meta-mobility”. A total of 297 projects from twenty nations were submitted and judged by a high-calibre jury headed by New York architect Vito Acconci. At the 2013 Design Month Graz, designforum Styria is presenting the winning entries for 2012, which Neue Wiener Werkstätte built as prototypes – first and foremost the “Mobile Gastfreundschaft” (Mobile Hospitality) by the duo Maciej Chmara and Ania Rosinke. “Mobile Hospitality” is a mobile kitchen. This portable kitchen with a Europallet layout comes equipped with everything you need: crockery, cooking utensils for up to twelve persons, fresh herbs, three gas cookers, a foot pump for washing-up water, etc. The gaudy colours of DIY store utensils contrast with finely finished solid timber. It serves modern-day nomads wishing to conquer the city and conjure up dinner in the park. Maciej Chmara was born in Gdynia, Poland, in 1984, and studied in Gdańsk, Linz and Vienna. Together with Ania Rosinke he is chmara.rosinke (Vienna). The first prize is worth a total of 5,000 euros.

25. June 2013

New website for the
UNESCO Creative Cities

The aim of the call for experts is to realise a joint website for the Creative Cities. The website is intended to serve as a central information tool, reporting dynamically on international, network-relevant content along with a link to the particular city’s own website. The Creative Cities are now able to showcase projects and content on the website which are important and relevant to the international network, on the one hand in order to emphasise the diversity and dimensions of the network while, on the other, ensuring a good and quick overview ordered by disciplines. The Graz-based agency Parkside presented its design at the UNESCO Annual Meetings in Bologna in September – the decision is still pending.

25. June 2013

Shenzhen Design Award
for Young Talents

The aim of the Design Award for Young Talents is to acknowledge the efforts of young designers who contribute to social and economic development and above all quality of life in cities through their creativity. The Award is also intended to encourage exchange between young talents from different countries, collaboration between Creative Cities, and sharing of experience and ideas concerning the development of the culture and creative sector. Creative Industries Styria has taken charge of managing the nomination for Graz: three labels from Graz took part with five nominations.

29. June - 01. September 2013

Industrial Design
Show 2013


The focus of the Industrial Design Show 2013 is on product and transportation design work created in cooperation with successful international groups – including the BMW Group, Bang & Olufsen, Kärcher, ÖBB, Philips and Volkswagen. The opening weekend of the exhibition also makes use of Space04 at Graz Kunsthaus, where students present project works together with the Danish company Bang & Olufsen. At the same time, the “World Industrial Design Day” takes place on 29th June 2013, an event initiated by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). Graz’s mayor Siegfried Nagl signed the proclamation last year – together with Helsinki (Finland), Kauniainen (Finland), Dublin (Ireland), and New York (USA). With more than 18,300 visitors, the exhibition was one of the best-attended shows since the opening of the designforum in 2010.

14. September - 10. October 2013

IDEAS. Ready for Road.


MILA stands for Magna Innovative Lightweight Auto and is Magna Steyr’s innovation and technology brand. A total of six concept vehicles belonging to this brand have been presented so far, followed with great interest by international experts. An exhibition at designforum Styria at Kunsthaus Graz presents the underlying ideas, the development processes, and also the finished design studies, including the MILA 1 and Mila Alpin vehicles. Additionally, four other showcars are being presented during the opening weekend (MILA Future, MILA EV, MILA Aerolight and MILA Coupic) in Space04 at Kunsthaus Graz. The vehicles were designed by the group’s own design agencies, the largest of which is based in Graz. The local site employs a staff of thirty-five for product design and design processes, including “surfacers”, studio engineers and model makers. Magna Steyr also operates other design agencies in Munich, Turin and Shanghai, with a total of around seventy design-related employees.

03. October - 07. October 2013

"designZone" at
Graz Autumn Trade Fair

While the exhibitors with design products and fashion design from Styria were more of an insider tip in past years, Graz Trade Fair is placing design at centre stage in 2013. The designZone is a homogeneous section with its own corporate design, standing out distinctly from surrounding sections: the exhibitors are arranged around the cosy lounge area with the bar and catwalk. The fashion shows attract several thousand visitors every day. In order to establish the designZone as a firm fixture in the trade fair programme, Graz Trade Fair cooperates with Creative Industries Styria to allow presentation of these labels at a discount stand rent rate, with numerous additional services. In this way, Graz Trade Fair reflects the position of Graz as a City of Design, at the same time offering design labels the opportunity to showcase their products to a wide audience.

09. October - 12. October 2013

networking trip

The networking trip provides insights into the work of the Cité du Design, including the impressive database of materials, the activities of the Design Cluster, and the issue of urban development, which is accessible to everyone and is presented in an impressive manner in Saint-Étienne. The biennial show has a lasting impact on the identity of Saint-Étienne with regard to design, featuring exhibitions, conferences and active exchange among the design community. As part of an exhibition of all UNESCO Cities of Design, Graz is invited to stage a presentation in 2013. The Cité du Design is a dedicated platform for observing trends, for creative services, education and research into and through design. Together with the “Higher School of Art and Culture”, it is a driving force of innovation.

22. November 2013 - 06. January 2014

design8en 2013


design8en means design products in shop windows – in the run-up to Christmas! 2013 brings another opportunity to showcase and sell creative works and small series in a setting appropriate for design during November and December. A total of fifty designers have applied to take part in this year’s “design8en”; thirty-five were chosen by a panel of judges. A traditional Styrian hat for the pumpkin-seed oil bottle, a lamp made of test tubes, and rocking animals which will not only instantly appeal to children alone – once more “design8en” features a wealth of gift and decoration ideas from Austrian designers to suit all tastes. design8en 2013 is an initiative of all Austrian designfora – Vienna, Vorarlberg, Styria – in cooperation with Creative Industries Styria, the museum shop at Kunsthaus Graz, and the Livid Departmentstore Dornbirn.