The design concept was generated by Benjamin Julian Toth, a student of the University of applied sciences FH Joanneum for Industrial Design, Graz Austria as a diploma thesis. The Austrian design studio motion code: blue acted as cooperation partner and sponsor for this project.

The topic was to design a reinterpretation of long range passage maker yachts for the next generation of yacht owners. SERION EXPLORER E60 yacht concept is based on a research of trends in yacht design and upcoming value shifts within the next 15 to 20 years. The aim of SERION E60 is to broaden the developing picture of future motor yachts within 60 ft (20 meter) by elaborating changing megatrends, markets, and consumer behaviors but also focusing on unconventional functions and features within this class. This concept highlights areas of possible improvement and redefines the overall character of classic passage makers. The yacht focuses on the ability of long range journeys, autarkic traveling and maximum living spaces at all climate or weather conditions.

Reasonable changes within future lifestyles prove that influences of extreme urbanization will cause an increasing demand for deceleration. It is highly expectable that the aspect of well being and experiencing as well as independent and autarkic traveling will come to the fore, and the picture of fast looking dynamic yacht designs will slowly start to fade away. Future yacht owners will stop consuming material oriented luxury goods and representing their wealth, instead they will consume more immaterial luxury goods like time, space, independence,... Future luxury products like the yacht have to offer answers for those demands.

The size of 60 feet (ca. 20 meter)  is very intelligent and efficient, yards are able to produce the yacht in serial production and owners can host up to 6 people on the vessel. The yacht is designed to offer maximum space for 2-3 people, a wide and open interior layout differs strongly form existing room layouts. a loft-like feeling which is optimized for all climate zones can be achieved. A very efficient diesel-electric propulsion system top off the concept, which is designed to bring innovations and new formal design ideas to the yacht scene.





Benjamin Toth won the "Young Designer of the Year Award" in June 2012 in Monaco for his entry ReSeadence 50y  - the conversion of a former 50m survey vessel into a yacht of "cutting edge design" which balanced sympathy with the original vessel while incorporating novel design features within its avant-garde appearance.
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