Crossing Fashion

Crossing Fashion is committed to cultural exchange on the textile level with the aim of communicating cultural aspects via fashion design. Against the background of globalisation of fashion as a major aspect of ethnic identity, Crossing Fashion intends to promote intercultural dialogue between designers from many different countries. When designers meet and work together creatively, they are able to gain deeper insight into other ways of life.


In 2004, the first Crossing Fashion project brought designers from Africa, Asia and South America to Graz. Crossing Fashion II in 2007 dealt with the issue of migration. In 2009, visual artists worked together in Crossing Fashion Cuba III. In spring 2010, Crossing Fashion Cuba was presented at Arte y Moda in Havana.


Pictures: Marco Rossi

Crossing Fashion IV was all about fashion from Niger.

Pictures: Stephan Friesinger

The fifth Crossing Fashion project focused on fashion in Sri Lanka and especially on sustainability in the textile industry.

Pictures: Stephan Friesinger

In 2015, the project will go to Mongolia.

The Crossing Fashion project is organised by the Afro-Asian Institute in collaboration with Graz fashion collective PELL MELL and funded by the Departments of Culture and Social Affairs, Province of Styria. Cine Styria is financially supporting the production of a documentary film.


Afro-Asiatisches Institut Graz