UNESCO Creative Cities

When Melbourne, Berlin, Östersund, Nagoya, Seville, Lyon, Shenzhen and Graz are mentioned in the same vein, they are referred to as partner cities in the global network of UNESCO Creative Cities. To date, the network consists of over 100 cities in 7 centres of creativity: design, craft and folkart, literature, media art, music, film and gastronomy. Nominations are pronounced for an unlimited period and are non-competitive. They highlight outstanding qualities of the nominated cities.

Creative Cities have one key skill that distinguishes them from other cities of their nation and that connects them to their global partner cities. Generally cities in the Creative Cities network have a significant cultural heritage and a strong and diversified present creative scene.
By building this network of cities with their common focus on creativity, UNESCO therefore seeks to facilitate and promote exchanges of best practices and know-how among them and, as a result, help spur their development via international networking.


At present, the members of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network are:


City of Media Arts: Daka, Ghana | Enghien-les-Bains and Lyon, France | Gwangju, South Korea | Linz, Austria | Tel-Aviv-Yafo, Israel | Sapporo, Japan  | York, England 


City of Craft & Folk Art: Aswan, Egypt | Hangzhou, China | Fabriano, Italy | Icheon, South Korea | Jacmel, Haiti | Jingdezhen, China | Kanazawa, Japan | Nassau, USA | Paducah, USA | Pekalongan, Indonesia | Santa Fe, USA | Suzhou, China


City of Film: Bradford, UK | Busan, South Korea | Galway, Ireland | Sofia, Bulgaria | Sydney, Australia 


City of Gastronomy: Chengdu, China | Florianopolis, Brazil | Jeonju, South Korea | Östersund, Sweden | Popayan, Colombia | Shunde, China | Tsuruoka, Japan | Zahlé, Lebanon 


City of Literature: Dublin, Ireland | Dunedin, New Zealand | Edinburgh, Scottland | Granada, Spain | Heidelberg, Germany | Iowa City, USA | Kraków, Poland | Melbourne, Australia | Norwich, UK | Prague, Czech Republic | Reykjavik, Iceland 


City of Music: Bogota, Colombia | Bologna, Italy | Brazzaville, Rep. of Congo | Glasgow, Scottland | Gent, Belgium | Hamamatsu, Japan | Hanover, Germany | Mannheim, Germany | Seville, Spain


City of Design: Bandung, Indonesia | Beijing, China | Berlin, Germany | Bilbao, Spain | Budapest, Hungary | Buenos Aires, Argentina | Curitiba, Brasil | Detroit, USA | Dundee, Scotland | Graz, Austira | Helsinki, Finland | Kaunas, Lithuania | Kobe, Japan | Montréal, Canada | Nagoya, Japan | Puebla, Mexico | Saint-Étienne, France | Seoul, South Korea | Shenzhen, China | Shanghai, China | Singapore, Singapore | Torino, Italy


For further information please visit www.unesco.org and www.designcities.net.